Don’t Pass it on, Please!

Being a new year, I find it important to take time to let you know how I cringe, twitch, perspire and inch closer to the edge every time I receive an email directing me to pass along to 8, 10, 13 people and then wait for something wonderful to happen, sometimes money, good news or good luck, or a long-awaited phone call.

Usually, and I stress usually!”, I will, with great deliberation, pound the delete button and go on about my day, but once in a blue moon, depending upon my vulnerability at the moment, I will succumb and with apprehension forming in my heart, I select a group of friends who I know will not think I am crazy, and send the picture of money piles or glowing, happy angels.

What if I don’t do this?  What if I do?

Promises, Promises . . .

And then I wait, in suspense for however long I’ve been told it would take.  The original email will give a time frame to forward and then wait 5 minutes, 3 hours, 7 days to receive the reward for obedience.

Now, you must understand.  I do not do this lightly.  If I make a decision to forward this remarkable opportunity to my friends, and I have expectation, this is serious stuff!

I want my money!  My surprise!  My good luck!  Is this like Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes where only one can win?  No!  I’ve been told it is for everyone who forwards, and I know how to follow direction.  Everyone is a winner!!

Then, after the time has passes, I am left to wonder.  Why didn’t this work for me?  Bad breath?  Did I choose the wrong 13 people?  The universe getting even?  Malarkey, I say!

I have a mustard seed.  I know about believing.  Belief cannot be empty.  Belief will keep the promises you give it.  Make that mountain move!  I understand about moving mountains.  I do not understand random promises from a ridiculous email.

Life Lesson – don’t put your faith, hope or expectations into an email.  Money comes from working hard.  Good luck – if you believe in luck – is yours to cultivate.  As you think, as you are.  If you are waiting for a surprise?  Keep moving.  The surprises come.  Everyday holds blessings, miracles, surprises when you look around where you are, and paying it forward is much more important than just forwarding a bogus electronic message.  And, the most obvious!  If you are waiting for a phone call?  Pick up the phone and call!  Simply take control.

Never has a pass-along email given me money, surprises, good luck.  I don’t even find them humorous anymore because I know how meaningless they are.

So, respectfully, don’t pass them to me.  unless one comes along that is able to do my laundry.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy Simpson
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 11:27:31

    Oh, Lord, Susan – – do you not realize how much of a challenge this is to folks like me?????  I now feel compelled to go back through all my old email, find every one with a ‘pass along’ request, and simply bombard you with them!!!   That’s what friends do, right?



  2. Tiffany Martin
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 10:14:46

    Oh I HATE those emails, or the “If you actually love GOD share this hoto” things on Facebook. or the “We’ll donate $5 to a cancer ridden child if you share this” photos. I HATE THEM!!! Of course they don’t work, and they don’t prove anything. I finally just started “hide”ing them from my profile–the TRICK (so you don’t feel guilty) is to NOT FINISH reading the instructions….once you see the direction it’s going IMMEDIATELY press delete. lol! works for me anyway 😉 ps, if you find that laundry-doing one please forward it to me…… 😉


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