Don’t Pass it on, Please!

Being a new year, I find it important to take time to let you know how I cringe, twitch, perspire and inch closer to the edge every time I receive an email directing me to pass along to 8, 10, 13 people and then wait for something wonderful to happen, sometimes money, good news or good luck, or a long-awaited phone call.

Usually, and I stress usually!”, I will, with great deliberation, pound the delete button and go on about my day, but once in a blue moon, depending upon my vulnerability at the moment, I will succumb and with apprehension forming in my heart, I select a group of friends who I know will not think I am crazy, and send the picture of money piles or glowing, happy angels.

What if I don’t do this?  What if I do?

Promises, Promises . . .

And then I wait, in suspense for however long I’ve been told it would take.  The original email will give a time frame to forward and then wait 5 minutes, 3 hours, 7 days to receive the reward for obedience.

Now, you must understand.  I do not do this lightly.  If I make a decision to forward this remarkable opportunity to my friends, and I have expectation, this is serious stuff!

I want my money!  My surprise!  My good luck!  Is this like Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes where only one can win?  No!  I’ve been told it is for everyone who forwards, and I know how to follow direction.  Everyone is a winner!!

Then, after the time has passes, I am left to wonder.  Why didn’t this work for me?  Bad breath?  Did I choose the wrong 13 people?  The universe getting even?  Malarkey, I say!

I have a mustard seed.  I know about believing.  Belief cannot be empty.  Belief will keep the promises you give it.  Make that mountain move!  I understand about moving mountains.  I do not understand random promises from a ridiculous email.

Life Lesson – don’t put your faith, hope or expectations into an email.  Money comes from working hard.  Good luck – if you believe in luck – is yours to cultivate.  As you think, as you are.  If you are waiting for a surprise?  Keep moving.  The surprises come.  Everyday holds blessings, miracles, surprises when you look around where you are, and paying it forward is much more important than just forwarding a bogus electronic message.  And, the most obvious!  If you are waiting for a phone call?  Pick up the phone and call!  Simply take control.

Never has a pass-along email given me money, surprises, good luck.  I don’t even find them humorous anymore because I know how meaningless they are.

So, respectfully, don’t pass them to me.  unless one comes along that is able to do my laundry.

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