What my Basket Holds

Terry, this is because of you. Thank you, my friend.

Welcome to my blog – Simply Life Lessons. Future blogs will never be this long, but it is nice to meet here at the beginning of 2013.

When discussing life, for me, it’s always about the people. I am constantly meeting interesting and extraordinary people, and so many of you walked with me this year as I found my footing, my confidence, my smile. Some of these friends and family are even unaware of their contribution to my well-being, but I will always remember.

Another year with Zia is priceless. She is the legacy I leave. She is my best buddy, and one day she will know and understand what she means to me. In 2013, she goes to “Big-Girl School”, when Mommy and Daddy take over, and Grammie will take a back seat, as it should be. We will still bake cookies and have adventures to the park, but as she grows, our roles will change, so one day you may find her driving and me strapped in the back seat eating an ice cream cone.

Our Little Sunshine

In 2012, I completed Transformational Therapy. It sounds intense, and it was. After living like I lived for 36 years, a reprogramming was necessary. I’ve never been more me, which is a good thing, although some may debate it. Self discovery in your fifties is a wild ride, and I hope it never slows down.

August, 2012 brought a new romance to my life, the first in almost 40 years! This is an exciting time, but also a time of learning.  I could not have asked for a better companion to help me trust again and with whom I can be comfortable. At this age, like with shoes, comfort is important. It is way too early to tell if he will just be my first or also my last, but time always authors the last page.

Work plays a large part of anyone’s life, and I am no different. What I have learned about restaurant management would fill a restaurant, and, in 2013, if I survive the thumps, I will learn much more. Guest Services is something I enjoy and feel I do well, but there is more to Mama Rose’s than just treating the guests well, so I am thankful for patient teachers.

This year, I took an acting class. It was amazing! Besides making new friends, I enjoyed the process of learning a script and being on stage. The countless times on live television, without a script, was never as scary as when I was on stage, but it is a challenge I can handle. I hope to experience a local production in some capacity again in this life.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fuller.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fuller.

Modeling their Hats.

Modeling their Hats.

In March, 2013, Daughter Stephanie is getting married to Dave Fuller. He is a wonderful young man, and so loving and kind. Zia adores him, and feels safe when she is with him. I believe that together, they will build a loving environment for each of them to thrive in.

Those of you who have frequent conversations with me have surely noticed that I still refer to Zia’s daddy, Scott, as my son-in-law. He has been an important part of our family for so many years. I love him because he is a good father and a good man. He has been very kind to me. Problem is, with 1 daughter, two sons-in-law don’t add up, so Scott will become a cherished friend, and Dave will be my remarkable son-in-law. Oh, the complications that life can bring:)

Sharing a Giggle!

Sharing a Giggle!

Speaking of complications, my hair is having issues with this whole wedding thing, too. I vowed to not cut or color my hair until the wedding because I always get too anxious, then run out and find some novice to cut and color. It is awful and stressful and frightening!! So, if you see me wearing my hat most days, it means I am still waiting, or worse, I didn’t wait:) Believe me! Dealing with your hair can certainly be a life lesson.

My faith. This is not a topic I share much about, choosing rather to be an example, but I know old and new friends who wonder where I have landed since leaving the church and Christian ministry. Time at my work and my church placed me in the Christian environment for over 25 years. Good, Godly people surrounded me, but sadly, I saw adverse examples, as well. I do believe, however, that people do the best they can until they learn more to do better with.

Unfortunately, this faith I lived by took a major, earthquake-size hit over 3 years ago when “Then-Husband” left after 36 years of marriage, to be with someone else. Devastation and sadness became my daily companions for a while. The journey back to breathing has been so damn hard . . . and, yet so very A.W.E.some! I learned that when you have a strong faith, you can never really not have faith, so God and I talk, and He shows me truth. My beliefs are what I have come to trust through these truths. God is Love, and anything not loving is not God. Speaking ill of others different from myself does not represent God in my life. Shunning those who do not believe as I do does not represent God in my life. Everyone walks their own path. I continue to walk a road of discovery and enlightenment. I think Anne Lamott says it best,

A lot of us believers, of all different religions, are ready to turn back the tide of madness by walking together, in both the dark and the light – in other words, through life –

As we blinked from 2012 to 2013. may our life lessons bring us peace and faith and truth. Through this blog, I will share many of my life lessons, along with insights, rude awakenings and triumphs, and surely will share an occasional message of love and understanding. May I help you know, in some small way, that learning, growing and believing will provide you with a life that holds no limits!

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  1. Laura Case
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 15:51:01

    Absolutely beautiful Susan! I am so proud of you and excited about your journey. Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to another play date soon so we can catch up. Sending you lots of light my friend! Happy New Year! 2013 will be amazing!


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